Wool, Call Of The Fools, Minor The Melody, T-Bone China, Feathers, Brave Shepherd, Dry Fear, Good Monsters, Between The Words, Lawnmower, To Her Friends, Mothership Calling, White Dove Black Thoughts, So Long Hannah, Aspiration, Low Ambition Agony, Bahnhof Feldkirch; "Wool and Feather" CD, Mai 2017

Aerovic, Kings On The Road, We Shall Rumble, Pontifex Nirvana, Managed Quite Quickly, First Coffee, Home, Hirn, Caramba!, Landlords And Termites, Songwriter's Battle, Nereo; "Ten Flirt Tricks" CD, Mai 2013

Getting Lost In A Friendly Way, Call Your Ghosts By Name, The Sack, Pure And Clean, Bowling For Tea, Fooling Endlessly, Southeasy, Kings On The Road, The Night Is My Friend, Marblefield March, Do No Harm, To Her Friends; "No Harm Done, Beauty" CD, August 2010

Intonation, Duet Of Love, Scenario, The Bible And The Belt, Two Feet Beneath The Clay, Counting Sheep, Afternight Shuttle, Saving Little Mystery, Island With A Flavour Of France, Monster Tractor, Tricks And Skills, 240 Times Douglas; "How To Become A Good Monster" CD, Mai 2005

Monster Tractor

Xi-Factor III, CD-Sampler Mai 2003